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Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting

Hardware and Software Leasing

Hardware and
Software Leasing

Whether you need Managed or Unmanaged Hosting, Cloud Hosting, or Colocation services, the highly secure and redundant IT infrastructure in our premier, regulation compliant datacenter designed from the ground up for 21st century computing will protect your servers, cloud and web presence as well as your business. We do all that is necessary to keep you up and running, online, and well maintained. Whenever there is an issue, our highly trained, dedicated staff provides timely hands on service to quickly solve it, day or night.

What sets us apart from other colocation facilities in the area?

Solid Footprint
As the first colocation center built in Southwest Florida this century, our facility was engineered from the ground up to exceed all modern building codes, to keep your equipment safe no matter what mother nature has in store for us.

Certified and Secure

Protection of information and intellectual property is our number one priority. In addition to being the only HIPAA Compliant colocation center south of Tampa and West of Miami, our entire PCI compliant facility has been designed with information security in mind. Redundant Power Our onsite diesel powered generators elevated 22 feet above sea level providing up to 1MW of power with a constant 7 day fuel supply and uninterruptible power systems provide fully redundant power in any power outage situation keeping your servers and equipment online and uninterrupted.

ISP Carrier Neutral

Customers can choose to use our in house provider or FPL Fibernet, CenturyLink, Comcast or any other available provider.

State of the art infrastructure and facilities management

Dedicated IT Staff – run by IT personnel for IT personnel Certified IT Administrators and Engineers on staff provide expert hands on service. We are more than just rack space. We can provide true IT services unlike the other co-lo providers in the area that typically employ Telco personnel.
Remote Hands Services include: