Introducing Cover

Cover, the exciting new browser-based hospitality application scheduled for release later this year, is the perfect tool to manage your bookings and quick-service orders.  Although no program will ever compete with Caterease when it comes to robust functionality, Cover is slated to be the most feature-rich browser-based application available – offering such tools as: 

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Bookings Management 

Like Caterease, Cover allows you to use a custom wizard tool to instantly create new bookings, breaking them into separate “sub-events” if you prefer.  Each of these meals can have multiple venues (both off-premise site locations and banquet rooms) associated with it, with full conflict checking.  Menu items with detailed modifier selection ensures no menu needs are overlooked, and automatic shift selection wizard rules helps you collect the team you’ll need to make the party a success! 

Client and Lead Tracking  

Manage a list of customers and prospective leads – scheduling tasks, tracking contacts, building detailed proposals and bookings. Powerful grids and reports allow you to track clients and prospects by any detail and more easily assess growth and future projections.  

Quick-Service Pickup and Delivery Orders  

Easily book quick-service pickup and delivery orders using a handy wizard – choosing menu items from any number of custom menus complete with detailed modifiers and optional selection rules or upcharge prices. Integrate directly with our online ordering product (Graze) to allow customers to book their own orders online.  

Task Management  

Create tasks and track history related to any booking, contact, prospect or even quick-service order in the program. Keep track of all activity with a handy dashboard, calendar or other tools and even review automatically generated activity about tasks performed within the program.  

Automatic Emailing

Create amazing, attractive, graphic emails that merge information directly from customers, booking or quick-service orders – and then send them manually or set them up to be automatically sent based on custom triggers that you establish.  

Custom Menu Management  

Build and organize any number of menu categories and subcategories, choosing from a library of custom menu items. Individual items can be used in one or many categories, and handy drag-and-drop functionality makes it incredibly easy to design any custom menu structure.  

Detailed Reporting

Customizable detail grids and flexible reports allow you to track virtually any information in your program quickly and easily. Choose grid columns, review handy charts and graphs and set custom report paraments to find the answers you need in an instant.  

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