Introducing Caterease v21 

Announcing our upcoming special release update – the revolutionary Caterease v21!  Check out just some of the amazing new features: 

(Click on any of the screenshots below to see them enlarged)

Personal Information Management

The all-new Caterease Contact Management system makes it simple to protect the important personal information of your various clients.  All PII (Personal Identifiable Information) is stored in one single area of the program, and any individual has an immediate “right to be forgotten”.  One click removes all references to that person anywhere in the program. 

Menu Item Modifier Management 

Create a custom list of menu item modifier templates (for example, “Temperature: Rare, Medium, Well-Done, etc.) and then assign them to various default menu items.  Optionally include selection rules (“Must Choose One”; “Maximum Two”) and an upcharge price for certain options, and then select modifiers in batch as you build the menu for an event! 

Online Customer Portal  

Share a link with your customer and let her pull her party detailed up online in our powerful new Customer Portal. She can review and accept your custom terms and conditions, chat back and forth with you about the party (directly into your Caterease program!) and even review attached files (documents, images, spreadsheets, etc.) that you have chosen to share.  

Online Ordering  

Introducing our powerful new sister program, Graze – the perfect solution for your online ordering needs. Available in both desktop (browser) and mobile format, Graze allows your customers to book their own orders online (for quick-service pickup/delivery or future parties) – selecting menu items, choosing modifiers and posting payment – and submit directly into your Caterease program.  

Quick-Service Pickup & Delivery Management  

Originally developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Quick Order Manager is officially included in our Caterease v21 release. Establish custom delivery zones with automatic delivery charges, designate prep times for various menu items and use the handy wizard to instantly book orders with delivery or pickup times automatically calculated.  

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