Introducing Graze 

Introducing Graze, the powerful new online ordering platform from Horizon Cloud, makers of Caterease Software.
Available as both a desktop and mobile app, Graze makes it quick and easy to choose menu items and place an order online for
immediate or pre-scheduled delivery or pickup.

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Delivery and Pickup Order Management

Allow existing or new customers to submit orders online for pickup or delivery – selecting menu items, posting payments and scheduling the order.  

Custom Menu Item and Modifier Management 

Create custom menus with detailed modifiers (for example, “Temperature: Rare, Medium, Well-Done, etc.) – including selection rules (“Must Choose One”; “Maximum Two”) and an upcharge price for certain options! Even highlight specific items to indicate special deals or featured items.

Authorized User or Guest Orders  

Customers can either login using their custom credentials and quickly book orders with all of their saved information, or submit orders as “guests” – choosing menu items and entering one-time delivery and payment information.  

Automatic Email Notification  

Create amazing, attractive, graphic emails that merge information directly from customers or orders – and then send them manually or set them up to be automatically sent based on custom triggers that you establish.  

Direct Integration with Caterease and Cover

All online order information is submitted directly into your Caterease or Cover program, with confirmation emails being sent to the customer. Orders can then easily be tracked through completion using a variety of custom prints and other tools.  

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